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As part of an ongoing process of deregulation, market players are increasingly expected by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to draw up more detailed regulations. This must set out agreed rules and regulations which use European and national standards. For the government, certification of these systems serves as a means for adopting a “more straightforward and remote” supervision.

The ministry has designated the TCVT (Stichting Certificatie Verticaal Transport) to regulate this for the lifting industry. The TCVT has 2 types of certifications scheme in place: mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory schemes are used, for example, for the inspection of mobile cranes and tower cranes. Inspection of lifting and hoisting equipment (“Below the Hook”) falls under a voluntary scheme.

With 2 persons, EKH forms part of Office 1 of TCVT, which has drawn up the certification scheme for lifting equipment and keeps this up-to-date. Likewise EKH, also sits on the Central Board of Experts. The EKH certification scheme is now fully compatible with that of the TCVT. The TCVT has two schemes for lifting equipment: