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The EKH organisation and way of working

EKH spends a great deal of time and energy keeping the work instructions up-to-date by following the applicable statutory regulations, standards, decrees and technical developments. By way of an annual information session, EKH companies are kept informed about the latest (technical) developments. In addition, the policies to be pursued will be agreed in the annual general meeting of members.

EKH has an active executive. Each board member has one or more portfolios and several commissions have been set up. The most important of these is the technical commission. This commission is staffed by persons with a technical background and many years of experience of the (safe) use, and the development and maintenance of lifting gear and cranes. This commission is responsible for ensuring the work instructions are kept up-to-date. In addition, they provide a valuable input for those who are entrusted with the training programmes organised on behalf of the EKH. After all, one of the key objectives of EKH is to ensure that its members optimise their know-how

Board EKH

Maarten van der Veldenchair and treasurer
Frans van der Brughindependent secretary
Paul Houdijkpublic relations intern
Wijnhold Wijnholdspublic relations extern
Daan Bakkumtraining
Charles Patertraining
Flip van der Meulentechnical committee