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EKH-certified: a guarantee for quality lifting and hoisting

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The assurance of a proper inspection!

If your lifting and hoisting gear is inspected and tested on a regular basis, you will have written proof that you have done everything possible to ensure the safety of your personnel. This is especially so if you have partnered with an EKH-recognised company. After all, insurance companies need the assurance that inspectors in our trade organisation know their business inside out. They are personally certified and, as such, proven experts at their job. This means they abide by the agreed regulations and working protocols. From time to time, they themselves are subjected to random checks by their own trade organisation.

Having a load come crashing down from a crane doesn’t bear thinking about!
Gerard DrostSenior safety expert at Elke Dag Veiliger

Any questions about lifting and hoisting?

As a trade organisation, EKH has played an active role in formulating current regulations and legislation since 1993. This provides transparency. With an extensive arsenal of work instructions and inspection plans, based on the requirements of the Machinery Directive, the Working Conditions Act, NEN, DIN, etc., we help maintain safety standards in the Netherlands. In addition, EKH – as an institute concerned with lifting and hoisting activities – incorporates an independent arbitration board, a complaints commission and a safety control board.

Any other questions about lifting and hoisting? If so, please contact the secretary office at EKH. We’re sure to have the right answers for you!

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