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EKH’s training programmes


In order to safeguard the quality of the inspections as much as possible, EKH has taken upon itself the responsibility of organising training programmes with recognised exams. In addition to quality certification from EKH-affiliated businesses, the EKH Inspector for Lifting Equipment (‘Below the Hook’) and the EKH Inspector for Cranes (‘Above the Hook’) are considered responsible for the correct implementation of EKH work instructions within the company.

EKH Inspector qualifications
In order to interpret and comply with work instructions in the correct manner, these inspectors are required to possess a personal certificate. To this end, EKH has set up effective training programmes for Inspectors of Cranes and Inspectors of Lifting Equipment. EKH has assigned the VTC (Verticaal Transport Centrum) to give these training courses. The Inspectors are awarded a personal certificate of professional competence, issued by DNV-GL. As part of the quality assurance, inspectors need to attend refresher courses and re-certification is required to take place every 5 years.
The validity of the certificate can be verified with the DNV-GL via www.certcheck.nl (if necessary, create an account and enter the name and date-of-birth of the Inspector).
Up-to-date information on the complete certification schemes can be downloaded here.

> Training programme for Inspector ABOVE THE HOOK

> Training programme for Inspector BELOW THE HOOK

If a client is not satisfied with how the inspection was performed, an appeal can be made to the independent Disputes Committee.