The supply, inspection and approval of lifting and hoisting equipment involves regulations which are both statutory and non-statutory (as indicated below)

Statutory provisions

The following statutory provisions apply to the supply, inspection and approval of lifting and hoisting equipment:

Dutch Working Conditions Act (Arbowet)

  • Responsibility with respect to lifting and hoisting equipment is based mainly on provisions in the Working Conditions Act.
  • Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit)
    The working conditions decree. This includes the provisions which are in the EC Work equipment directive.

EC Work Equipment Directive

  • The provisions in European legislation which apply to the use of lifting and hoisting equipment have been incorporated in full in the Dutch Working Conditions Decree.

EC Machinery Directive

  • The provisions in the European legislation which apply to new lifting and hoisting equipment are included in the Dutch Commodities Act.

Mining and Shipping Act

  • The Dutch Working Conditions Act also applies on board ship and within businesses that fall under the Mining Act.

Certification and Recognition

  • The certification system set up by EKH for businesses and individuals who inspect cranes and lifting gear is a voluntary system. As such, it addresses the legal terms ‘natural person, corporation or institution’. The EKH certification forms contain all prescribed information in international treaties.

Inspection and Testing

  • When it comes to the inspection and testing of lifting and hoisting machinery and equipment on board ships, the Working Conditions Decree does make reference to the Ministry and certified institutes. It also mentions certification forms which may be issued by a certified institute.
  • In order to perform these tasks, the Ministry responsible has designated classification agencies. In other words, this recognition is legally regulated. The classification agencies are charged with regulating the tasks carried out by the EKH companies (supply, inspection and approval of lifting and hoisting equipment).