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National laws covering health & safety at work


National laws covering health & safety at work
In the Netherlands there is the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet). The act is to enable employees to work in healthy and safe conditions. 2 levels can be differentiated in the Working Conditions Act, which are likewise intended to safeguard employees against negative aspects of work:

  •     Working Conditions Act (Arbowet)
  •     Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit)

Working Conditions Act (Arbowet)

The Working Conditions Act forms the basis of legislation on health and safety at work. The act contains general provisions which apply to all places where work is carried out (this also means charities and clubs). The Working Conditions Act is a piece of framework legislation. This means that it does not set out any concrete regulations. These are specified in greater detail in the Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit) and the Working Conditions Regulations (Arboregeling). The government website contains the full text of this act.

Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit)

The Working Conditions Decree fleshes out the Working Conditions Act in more detail. It lists the regulations with which both the employer and employees must comply in order to minimise risks in the workplace. These regulations are mandatory.

The decree includes the minimum regulations as set down in the European Directive on Work Equipment. All equipment in the workplace must satisfy the provisions of this decree.

Article 7 (paragraphs 7.2 and 7.3) of the Working Conditions Decree talks about the regulations which must be complied with when acquiring and commissioning work equipment in the workplace for use by employees. It also contains regulations on how hazards need to be minimised when using and maintaining this work equipment (Paragraphs 7.4a, 7.18, 7.18A, 7.20 and 7.29).

In a number of sectors and categories alternative and supplementary rules may apply. The government website contains the full text of this decree. For more information see the government website (ArboPortaal).