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Above the hook

EKH ‘above the hook’ companies inspect standard type cranes and lifting gear, which are fixed in place or run along a track. In general, these cranes and lifting gear are used in factories.

For example:
• beam trolleys (ceiling-mounted or suspended)
• gantry cranes
• slewing cranes (column or wall-mounted)
• suspension systems (monorail systems)
• all hoists connected to the aforementioned cranes
• fixed hoists

EKH has put together a handy digital manual (Handboek Bedrijfsvoering hijskranen (-werktuigen)) which you can download here (available in Dutch only).

All equipment must undergo regular inspection at different intervals. The table below specifies the appropriate inspection intervals for various items of lifting equipment. Click on the image to download the PDF file.

Once the crane has been inspected, a date sticker is attached to the crane and, once approved, an approval sticker.
As from 2017, the date stickers have a colour code for the year showing the most recent year of approval.