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Inspection of lifting gear


Through regular inspection of lifting gear, it is possible to minimise the risk of accidents occurring. Since 1939 there has been a system of inspection for lifting gear in the Netherlands which can be applied. Inspection of lifting gear is mandatory by law, not least recommended bearing in mind safety.

The statutory requirements in respect of lifting and hoisting equipment states that ‘lifting and hoisting equipment shall be examined with respect to its proper working order at least once a year by an expert natural person, corporation or institution, which includes, where necessary, testing. This person or institution possesses the necessary equipment to do this.’

EKH tables for the inspection of lifting gear

The following tables provide a summary of the frequency at which lifting gear should be inspected. These are the periods/intervals which are used by all certified EKH companies. This applies to the inspection, testing and approval of lifting gear.

All periods/intervals specified are the minimum frequency at which they must undergo inspection. However, these periods should always be adjusted (i.e. shortened) if lifting gear is subject to intensive or heavy-duty work. This is in conformity with the regulations which are included in the manufacturer’s manual. The summary below shows the test load (expressed in percentage terms) that must be used during testing and inspecting. This applies for both the annual and the 4-yearly inspections.