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Inspection and approval of lifting and hoisting equipment

The terms ‘inspection’ and ‘approval’ are often taken to be the same thing by many people. As a trade organisation, EKH would like to explain the distinction here.

  • an inspection is an examination as to whether the lifting or hoisting equipment can still safely be used
  • an approval is an examination to assess whether the lifting and hoisting equipment meets the requirements: this is set down in an approval report.


What types of lifting and hoisting equipment falls under this procedure?

Lifting and hoisting equipment can be subdivided into two groups:

  • lifting machinery (for example, ceiling or wall-mounted cranes)
  • lifting and hoisting equipment

For both groups, specific inspection and approval standards have been drawn up, incorporating manufacturer regulations, standards and statutory requirements. EKH has put these into practice and included these in EKH work regulations. These describe in detail exactly what actions need to be carried out by EKH inspectors for the (re)approval of lifting and hoisting equipment.

EKH has also summarised the work regulations in two publications (Dutch only):

  • a manual on operating procedures for lifting and hoisting equipment (EKH Bedrijfsvoering Hijs- en Hefgereedschap: digital download available) and
  • a manual on operating procedures for cranes and lifting machinery (EKH Bedrijfsvoering Hijskranen (-werktuigen): which is also available as a digital  download).

For more information, please contact one of the many certified EKH companies.

Who can approve Lifting and Hoisting Equipment?

The statutory regulations specify approval has to be done by an expert.  As to whether a person is an expert is left to the industry itself to decide. For that reason, the trade organisation, EKH, has set up a comprehensive and specific training programme for the inspection of lifting machinery and lifting and hoisting equipment. At the end of the training programme, prospective inspectors take theory and practice exams. If they pass both of these, they are awarded personal certification and can call themselves official EKH inspectors. This provides the insurance companies with the assurance that inspectors know their business inside out. EKH inspectors are able to demonstrate their expertise by means of this personal certification.

Special requirements also apply to the companies who are affiliated to EKH. An EKH recognised company:

  • is ISO certified
  • is itself annually certified by an independent testing institute
  • is subject to spot checks in respect of its inspectors
  • operates with integrity and professionalism

The certification schemes drawn up EKH have been adopted by Stichting TCVT, which is the organisation designated by the government to regulate.

To safeguard its interests, EKH has set up an independent complaints and arbitration board and a safety control board.

EKH list of inspections for Lifting Machinery (EKH Above the Hook)

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EKH list of inspections for Lifting and Hoisting Equipment (EKH Below the Hook)

Inspection scheme (a more detailed list can be found on this page).

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