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EKH Training Programme - Below the Hook


If you wish to become an inspector you must first follow and pass the training course for inspector. The training programme for EKH inspector for Lifting and Hoisting Equipment is given by VTC.

The certification plan specifies the attainment targets which the EKH inspector for Lifting and Hoisting Equipment must satisfy. These are summarised as follows:

  • the inspector must be familiar with the work instructions of EKH
  • the inspector must be familiar with the different inspection methods, rejection criteria, etc.
  • through experience and background, the inspector must have sufficient know-how to make the right decisions or to provide advice.

training programme
To be eligible to take the training programme for inspection, you need to meet the course requirements. The Inspector is required to have MBO qualifications (or similar) and 2 years’ experience.

Subjects covered in the Below the Hook training programme:
> Safety and health & safety at work legislation

  •  Accident risk (prevention)
  •  Rights/obligations of employers/employees
  •  Function of usage factors

> Inspection philosophy

  • Inspection systems
  • Structure/breakdown
  • Principles
  • Service provision

> Position of inspector

  • Powers
  • Qualifications

> Quality

  • Background in EKH system and work instructions
  • Relevant standards (with respect to new deliveries and rejection criteria)
  • Use of EKH certificates and forms
  • Knowledge of essential information that must be contained in user manuals as a minimum
  • Requirements in respect of marks/markings for lifting gear

> Organisation and safety on inspections

  • Measures to be taken prior to inspection and testing
  •  Safety measures during inspection and testing

> Technical requirements with respect to lifting and hoisting equipment

  • Chains
  • Steel cables
  • Lifting slings
  • Tongs and clamps
  • Hoists and beam trolleys
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and magnetic lifting gear
  • Hoisting gear
  • Fall protection
  • Other lifting gear

> Testing

  • Knowledge of the universal tester
  • Knowledge of scope of NDT methods
  • Types of measuring methods
  • Requirements of testing and auxiliary devices

> Inspection report

  • Completion of inspection lists/certificates
  • Method of reporting
  • Administrative processing

> Conduct

  • Work planning
  • Appointments
  • Attitude/demeanour
  • Dealing with the client
  • Conflict management
  • Communication

The training programme includes a theory and practice component.
After following the training programme, it is possible to take the EKH theory/practice exam. This exam is given by the NECV (Dutch exam centre for vertical transport). Once an inspector has passed their exam, he or she will receive a certificate of professional expertise, awarded by DNV-GL.

Duration of the training programme for inspector
The training programme for inspector consists of

  • 6 theory sessions
  • 6 practice sessions
  • 1 communications session
  • 1 instructional session for using the universal tester
  • 2 sessions repeat and exam training

Course dates